Paw & Pantry Adds Himalayan Yak Cheese Long Lasting Dog Chews to its Catalog

Paw & Pantry's rawhide free dog chews are treats options have now expanded to include long lasting rawhide free yak cheese sourced from the mountains of the Himalayan mountains in Nepal.

Yak cheese is a healthy all natural highly digestible option for dogs that they love to chew on. These ancient treats were made for human consumption for hundreds or thousands of years before being introduced to the USA dog market. Since then, millions of dogs have loved chewing on these hard cheese sticks. 

Paw & Pantry carefully controls the ingredients (only yak milk, cow milk and lime juice) to ensure the highest quality. Many yak cheese suppliers in the USA have moved to making the cheese sticks from cow milk in the USA with poor results.  Paw & Pantry has gone back to the traditional processes, which is a 21 day drying time over a fire, in the mountains of the Himalayas. 
Try these chews today and get 30% off your first subscription order and 10% off all future orders when opting into subscription.